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Regardless of the type of gym you are running, you are telling your clients to do something. You are giving them a workout and telling them to complete start to finish. The workout could be CrossFit, Power Lifting, Yoga, Functional Fitness, etc. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your client is looking to you as an authority. When the client is putting his/her health and wellbeing in your hands, you have a duty not to injure them. If they do get injured, that could be a breach of your duty. That’s called negligence. Therefore, as we explained more in our last article, your programming is a liability.

Reducing Your Liability

One of the services we provide though Gym Lawyers is to help gym owners reduce liability. We do this by assessing the Gym’s legal exposure and then working with the gym owner to fill those holes. When it comes to legal documents like Operating Agreement, Membership Contracts, and Liability Waivers, we can help. We work with the gym owner to create a form document that meets the gym owner’s individual needs. If we don’t provide the service, like providing the best insurance in the industry, then we have professional companies for referrals.

How Programming Increases Your Liability

We don’t provide workout programming. There are a ton of third party services out there who will send you workouts. You pay a monthly fee and the workouts may even be uploaded into your client management software. It really streamlines the process and makes life much easier on the gym owner. However, the workouts are usually written for elite athletes and come with minimal scaling. That means the gym owners or staff members are left to modify the workout for each individual client. The staff member modifying the workout is usually doing so based on what he/she thinks is best. That opens the door for legal exposure. So, how do we close it?

Level Method Can Help

There is a programming company out there dedicated to providing individualized scaling options for each client. It doesn’t matter if the client is a personal training client or training in a group. Level Method has a robust system of evaluation for each client. This evaluation gives the gym owner or staff member a full understanding of where the client’s fitness is today. Then, Level Method provides the workout. However, it isn’t just one version of the workout leaving it up to you to modify. Based on your clients evaluation, Level Method provides numerous scaling options. This is customization at its best!

Level Method makes life easier for the gym owner and reduces legal exposure at the same time. Assessing each client and being able to modify a workout for that client reduces the risk of injury. That means you, the gym owner, cam move on to worry about something else in your business.

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