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Educating Gym Owners About Legal Matters That Impact Their Business

Not Knowing the Law Can Break Your Business

There is an old saying in the law that ignorance of the law is not a defense.  In other words, once a legal matter arises in your business, “I didn’t know that was a law” will not remove your liability. 

Unfortunately, there are a ton of laws out there.  Even though you don’t know what you don’t know, a Court of Law will still hold you responsible.

We Help Fortify Your Business With Knowledge

We are here to help you before you have a problem.  If you wait until you have a legal issue, it is too late.  

You are in the fitness industry because you know that longevity of life for your clients requires healthy intervention now.  

The longevity of your business is no different.  Take preventive action today. 

We Understand Your Legal Needs

We’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.  We own a facility in Pittsburgh, Pa where we’ve seen it all.  Lease issues, employee issues, kids programs, even one member having a heart attack in the middle of a workout.  

Thankfully, we know the law and we’ve been able to prevent problems.  Let us use our experience to help you prepare to avoid a legal nightmare.

Legal services that you can trust

We know what legal education you need

Business Formation

You need to form the right kind of business.  We will educate you on LLCs and d/b/a’s.  Help you draft operating agreements and early formation contracts.  And, we will help review commercial leases and more. 

Legal Checkup

We will review your legal documents, like leases, wavier, and membership contracts.  We will make sure you know what you are signing, you aren’t legally exposed, and help you with the legal contracts you need.

Buying and Selling

Is it time for a new adventure?  There is a lot that goes into buying and selling a business.  You are going to need help with documents like Letters of Intent, Asset/Stock Purchase Agreements, and Promissory Notes.

Getting legally secure couldn’t be easier…

Talk to Our Legal Team

Reach Out For A Free Consultation

Let Us Take a Look

We Will Determine Whether You Have Potential Legal Exposure

Be Prepared

We Will Provide All the Legal Education You Need to Make Informed Business Decisions

What our gym clients are saying…

Get peace of mind knowing you’re covered

Most of the law is reactionary. That means it doesn’t come into play until there is a problem. However, knowing what problems could exist can help prevent them from ever existing.