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New to Gym Ownership?

A service provided by Gym Lawyers PLLC for those opening a gym.

Establishing Your Legal Structure

Setting up a sound legal structure from the beginning creates the best opportunity to minimize liability.

From forming your business entity to establishing your D/B/A and many other critical steps in the process, we will educate you on the options and help you complete the setup of your gym.

The right time to begin the legal side of the process is NOW.

Developing Your Contracts and Agreements

Your contracts and agreements create the structure for how you will operate and set expectations with your staff and customers.

Clearly defined documentation can save a lot of hassle and challenges down the road. Do not wait to do things the right way.

Let us help you feel confident that your documents will help protect the business you’re creating so you can focus on what matters most – building a community and helping your customers.

Reviewing Your Documents

Sometimes you will have to agree to legal documents that you don’t create, such as commercial leases.

When this happens, best practice is to engage a lawyer to help you review the document to make sure your interests are fairly represented and the other party is not taking advantage of you.

There are crucial elements that need to be accounted for in leases and other documents.  We’ll review the documents that are presented to you and advise you on sections for discussion.

Other Services Offered

Consulting on the Best Course of Action

Is a stock sale or an asset purchase sale best for you? There is a lot to considered in this decision. We are here to help you decide which is best for you.

Consulting Throughout the Process

A lot can change from the initial offer to the closing.  Due Diligence searches can reveal things the buyer and seller didn’t expect.  We are here to consult with you and help you navigate these changes.


Do you need to value the gym you are about to buy or sell? Now that you are buying a gym, do you need an accountant? Who is the best insurance provider? We can help by providing professional referrals for each and every one of these.

Getting legally secure couldn’t be easier…

Talk to Our Legal Team

Reach Out For A Free Consultation

Let Us Take a Look

We Will Determine Whether You Have Potential Legal Exposure

Be Prepared

We Will Provide All the Legal Education You Need to Make Informed Business Decisions

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Get peace of mind knowing you’re covered

Most of the law is reactionary. That means it doesn’t come into play until there is a problem. However, knowing what problems could exist can help prevent them from ever existing.