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We often joke at Gym Lawyers PLLC that we are always doom and gloom. We were the guest on a podcast the other day and wanted to give a caveat at the end reassuring the listeners that we aren’t out to convince people not to start businesses. However, you don’t hire us to tell you everything is great. If you want that, go hire a business mentor like those at Two Brain Business. You hire us to make sure your greatness doesn’t get ripped out of your hands because of a legal hole.

Delivering Bad News

Sometimes, however, we do have to deliver the bad news. This often happens when we are reviewing commercial leases. The new potential gym owner hires us to review their lease. They are essentially asking us to find the problems. They do this so that they are able to make a better business decision. Usually, we highlight a number of sections, or we suggest that our client receive clarity on certain paragraphs. Rarely, but it does happen, do we strongly advise against signing the lease under any circumstances. Some leases are so landlord friendly that we struggle to imagine how a gym owner will ever make a profit fast enough to keep the business going.

Saving Gym Owners a TON of Money

In the end, our job is to help you make money. Our job is to help you build and maintain a successful business. To do that, we have to help you put yourself in a successful position from the beginning. That may mean delivering some hard to hear information. But, remember, making money in the long run may mean saving money now. Furthermore, when if comes to a commercial lease, we aren’t talking about slashing $50-$100 off of your monthly recurring expenses. We are talking about tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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